A freeware tool for the design of gravity-driven water distribution networks in poor rural areas.


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NeatWork is made publicly available by the non-governmental organization APLV (Agua Para La Vida) and a team of researchers from the University of Geneva. NeatWork is hosted by ORDECSYS. The Mosek optimizer is graciously made available for the optimization part of the software.

The tool was designed by Gilles Corcos, co-founder of APLV, and Jean-Philippe Vial, with the help of Frédéric Babonneau.

The software was developed by Laurent Drouet, Frédéric Babonneau with the help of Jean-Philippe Vial, all three members of ORDECSYS.

NeatWork is available in English, Spanish and French. You can download it for free.


The tool

NeatWork is a tool for sizing the pipes of a gravity water supply system. NeatWork differs from existing software in that water withdrawals at individual faucets are recognized as being essentially intermittent. NeatWork offers a least-cost solution for the entire network from the reservoir to each user. The solution ensures that each user obtains a regular and sufficient flow rate at his water station despite the intermittent and random use made by each user. A powerful simulation tool confronts the system with representative samples of operating situations. A few remarkable facts are particularly noteworthy.

  • The tool is simple and robust enough to be used by the APLV community of technicians and has been well received by the APLV community.
  • Once the topographic data is entered into the software tool, the creation and finalization of the project requires no more than a fraction of an hour's work for the technician designer.
  • The quality of the solutions provided by NeatWork has been massively validated over the past twenty years by the flawless operation of the projects

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