“Smart Grids and Dynamic Pricing,

Opportunities for the Energy Transition”

June 18th, 2014

Thanks to everyone for attending this workshop!


The presence of participants with contrasted and complementary backgrounds has led to stimulating and inspiring discussions on hot topics such as electricity market design, incentives to foster investments in smart metering, the exploitation of demand's flexibility to support the integration of renewables, etc. We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did!

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Prof. Thalmann (REME, EPFL) and Prof. Haurie (Director of ORDECSYS)


The Energy Strategy 2050: objectives and measures

Dr. Fetz and Dr. Faust (Swiss Federal Office of Energy)


Smart grids, an American perspective

Prof. Caramanis (Boston University)


Conduite sous bonne escorte: bienfaits et dangers de l’interruption et de la programmation de charge

Dr. Chanez (Groupe E)


Impact des actions d’économie d’énergie sur la courbe de charge dans le secteur résidentiel

Dr. Cabrera & Dr. Bertholet (Chaire d’efficience énergétique, Université de Genève)


The Economics of Demand-Response and Storage

Prof. Haurie (ORDECSYS)


Impact of smart grids, demand-response and storage on renewables penetration

Dr. Andrey (ORDECSYS)


Adoption drivers of eco-friendly technologies in the energy and the transportation sectors

Prof. Masini (HEC Paris)


Increasing Revenues by Exploiting Flexible Energy Systems

Dr. Werlen (Misurio AG)

Main organisers

“Adaptive and TOU pricing schemes for smart technology integration”, research project funded by the SFOE

Research group on the Economics and Management of the Environment (Prof. Thalmann)

Chair on Energy Efficiency

(Prof. Patel)